About Us

finalanim8I’m Adrian Vander Pyl (aka “MatMan”) and I first discovered Recycled Tire Mats when working at a Produce Market back in 1988. The boss asked me to find an anti-slip, anti-fatigue mat that was easy to clean, and this is what I came up with! Since that time I have helped put Recycled Tire Mats to work in all sorts of applications across the country, and even for the US Navy. I will work directly with you to create the right Recycled Tire Mat for anywhere you need heavy duty, long lasting protection that rolls up for easy maintenance. ASK MATMAN and I’ll be happy to help.

I invite you to explore this site to learn both the history of our products, and the great ways our customers use them. When you buy from RecycledTireMats.com, you are getting one of the most useful, eco-friendly products on the planet!

Industrial-Strength-DoormatsDuring World War II, women were first introduced to Recycled Tire Mats at their factory work areas. When men returning from military service took over those jobs, many women rolled up their mats, and took them home to put outside their doorways!

That’s how Rosie The Riviter created the Welcome Mat market for Recycled Tire Mats!

Making Our Products Helps to Clean Up the Environment We All Share

I work with one of the original tire recyclers, helping to produce great products by cleaning up a major environmental headache.

Weaving ProcessTo create our Recycled Tire Mats, a strip-cutter machine peels 25 foot long strips off of each tire in short order. Those go to an industrial punch that produces uniform mat-links with weaving holes for wires at set spacings.
Weaving ProcessWe then set the width of each mat to be produced with a set of moveable sizing bars, and arrange the appropriate U-shaped wire frames to receive the links as they are woven into place.
Weaving ProcessWhen the weaving is complete, the ends of the wire frames are bent towards each other (at 90 degrees to the length of the mat) and sealed with a plastic safety sleeve.
Bumper DocksIn an industrial symbiosis, we contract with several trucking firms: Taking in their tire discards, and; Producing new bumpers for their docks in return. These dock bumpers are made from recycled tires with all the steel wire in the tread.
US Navy gunshipsRecycled Tire Mats even protect the decks of US Navy gunships! Our modern naval artillery expels spent metal shell casings from a height of 12 feet. These 3 foot long, 5″ tubes can be a hazard to both decks and sailors, so Matman created this custom solution to protect them.