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Recycled Tire Mats, Handmade, Door Mats, Doormats, matting, rubber, safety mats Rubber Safety Mats from Recycled Tires, Made in USA

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Here are the original industrial rubber mats for worker comfort! During World War II, the women on the lines noted these anti-fatigue mats' shoe cleaning power as well! Leave it to "Rosie the Riveter"!

Recycled Tire Mats sold in stores through the 50s and 60s as "Easy to Roll 'n' Clean" welcome mats! Although retailers switched to more stylish, less durable doormats, the Recycled Tire Entry Mat still outcleans and outlasts any other entryway product, period!
Recycling Used Tires Having retired my unique hand-weaving demonstrations at special events throughout the country, I now expedite instock and custom orders "factory direct" with no "middleman"!
Use these rubber mats for "no slip" safety runners, as well as workshop ergonomics, vehicle, marine & animal uses, too.

Everyone needs mats!!
Adrian Vander Pyl, "Matman"!

I'm Adrian Vander Pyl, a.k.a. Matman, and I welcome you to my large web site all about recycled tire mats. Divided for easy access, do look over all the ideas; then order, or request a quote online!

"Handmade, Lifetime, Recycled", these recycled rubber tire mats are one of the most useful, eco-friendly products on the planet! I'll hope to hear from you soon.

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"Recycling is Good For our Earth!"

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Our troops keep us free, Matman keeps our Navy's decks free of gun shell damage, wow! Tough mats indeed!

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